Our Mission

Level Up Superfoods is doing things differently - we are committed to growing a health-conscious, ethical and sustainable business. This commitment is the engine that runs our entire operation and it encompasses our ingredients, our packaging, our community and our business philosophy. This is what Level Up Superfoods can offer you:

Our Ingredients

All of the ingredients that we use are organic and ethically and sustainably sourced. For example, our highly potent ceremonial grade raw cacao powder is direct trade and is grown and sun dried by a farming cooperative of small, rural family farms in Ecuador that still support hand picked cacao harvesting traditions. We believe in organic because we believe in reducing the use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and other farming methods that can degrade our top soil and cause soil erosion, affect the quality of our food, and have disastrous consequences for our environment.

Our Packaging

Level Up Superfoods is strongly committed to reducing our environmental impact. We use glass jars and tin lids because they are 100% recyclable without loss of quality, unlike plastic containers. Using glass containers also eliminates the worry of chemicals leaching from the plastic. 

In addition to our recyclable jars, we use recyclable boxes, packing paper and packing tape to ensure that every delivery of our Superfood Coffee Mix is environmentally-friendly. However, this extra effort that we are putting forth only works if you get involved as well, so please be sure to recycle or re-use!


Our Business Philosophy

At Level Up Superfoods, we understand that we have to create the kind of world that we want to live in, and this is why Level Up Superfoods is striving to create what we call a Holistic Business. Every aspect of what we do and who we interact with has been taken into careful consideration to ensure that everyone and everything benefits from our business. From the soil in which our ingredients are grown from, to the farmers who grow our ingredients, to the environmental impact of our daily operations, to our customers well-being, no stone has been left unturned!

At Level Up Superfoods, we use three questions to guide our business decision-making: How will this affect my mind, body and spirit? How will this affect my environment? Do I want to see more of this in the world? Every dollar we spend is a vote that says “I support this,” which gives all of us the opportunity to make a difference, and we invite you to join us in making the kind of world that we can all thrive in. 


Much love,

Nathan Wiebe - Founder of Level Up Superfoods