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My Story

The idea of Level Up Superfood Coffee Mix originally started off as an idea for a superfood energy bar. However, once I realized how difficult and messy it was to hand-coat energy bars with chocolate, I reluctantly gave up on the project. Only after spending some time in the jungles of Peru in 2016, and engaging with various plant medicines did the idea of turning my energy bar into a coffee mix emerge. My intention for that trip was to discover my true potential so that I could help others to uncover their own. Today, I still hold this intention and Level Up Superfoods is the embodiment of my journey.

This company is currently very small and is literally made up of just me right now. The one major advantage with being such a small company is that I have the opportunity to connect to what truly matters most, which is you. Since you will be my customer and the word-of-mouth advocate for Level Up Superfoods, I consider this to be your company as much as it is mine. Your feedback is not only welcomed but essential to me as I figure out what the best way to serve you will be.

I am truly grateful to have this opportunity to serve you and I would like to invite you to join me on this journey as I attempt to build a health-conscious, ethical and sustainable business from scratch.


Much Love,

Nathan Wiebe - Founder of Level Up Superfoods